Electric Glass Kettle in Double Wall with Temperature Control and Keep Warm, 1.7L Fast Boil Cordless Kettle for Coffee & Tea [BPA Free] Surophy

  • 【Efficient A+】:The glass kettle adopts advanced heating and temperature technology to make sure quickly and efficient heating in few minutes in 2000W. You can enjoy your tea, coffee, instant soup with the large 1.7 liter capacity kettle in minutes!
  • 【Security Protection Design】: The electric kettle features shut-off auto, triggering within 30 seconds, and boil-dry protection when water boiled away. Also, it comes with double-walled design to avoid scald.Outer plastic layer for safe touch and anti-collision, and inner glass layer for you and your family health drinking.
  • 【System of Temperature Control and Keep Warm】Five temperature settings to best get your chosen of 40℃,70℃ ,80℃,90℃ and 100℃(boiling).Best ready for different temperature need of tea, oatmeal, coffee, chocolate and more. Extra, Keep warm function help you to have hot water all day, while kettle will heat occasionally to ensure the preset temperature.
  • 【Illuminating Glass Kettle】: A beautiful blue light will be on while the kettle works. Elegant color to make your kitchen not dull.
  • 【Purchase Warranty】:There is 2 year warranty for it!! Our customer service is here to answer all your doubt and question.If any issue, you can free to have replacement or refund!!!


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21 October 2018
One of the best kettles I have ever bought,the makers of this kettle have definitely put safety first very happy u263a
16 September 2018
This product has beautiful blue light when it boiling water and specially itu2019s BPA free. Can change the temparature of the kettle and just warm up the water inside.This product is good quality. I like it.
6 October 2018
This is nice glass kettle. Looks great. clear glass and stainless steel. This kettle has nice design. Built well and boils water quickly. It's small visitors just love the blue light show while it is boiling. I like it.
kit chi kwan
11 September 2018
The kettle capacity is large! Easy to clean inside, no bad smell! Easy to operate, hot water in a minute!
Sumara K.
10 September 2018
Martin Winlow
19 September 2018
I like the design and the twin wall that prevents you from burning yourself on the glass and the general design is good and of good quality (tho the first one arrived with the handle plastic broken... shipping... manufacture... design?).
BUT... I almost always only put ~500ml of water in it to boil and it takes about 60 seconds to do so (good)... but then sits there boiling away for another **45 seconds** before turning itself off! Hence only 3*. Is there some way to reduce this? Can't find anyone to ask on the Web...
Amazon Customer
12 October 2018
This is absolutely terrible! Leaves a horrible taste in the water... Like a chemical taste. I'm not sure if the other reviews are fake, but don't buy this product. I am returning it immediately and will report it to Amazon to investigate if it is safe to even sell in the UK.
10 October 2018
This is really more than an normal kettle. Yes it boils quickly, but it does other things like get water to different temperatures for different brews. It even keeps the water temperature to your chosen level for up to two hours. Lets say I'm making the perfect coffee now

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