Carrot Sun® Coconut Tan Accelerator with L-Tyrosine & Coconut Oil for a GOLDEN tan-FAST! 350ml Sarah Trading

  • L-TYROSINE accelerates tanning
  • FRUIT & NUT OILS deeply moisturise
  • ANTIOXIDANTS protect against free radicals from UV rays
  • Produces a GOLDEN tan

Our supremely fast-acting tan accelerators work with your skin to develop a beautifully deep and richly golden tan-FAST! Never has tanning been such a sensational experience, or given such long-lasting results. Indulge in one of our luxuriously moisturising Carrot Sun products, and find out why Carrot Sun is the top tanning cream in the Middle East. Try it in the sun, on a sunbed, or even on a cloudy day outdoors. You'll be amazed how quickly you'll develop a tan. Supplementary Information: Carrot Sun products contain a natural tan-accelerating agent called L-Tryrosine. L-Tyrosine is an amino acid which promotes and stimulates the production of melanin in the skin upon exposure to the sun or sunbeds. Melanin is the pigment responsible for the tanned colour of your skin, and also protects your skin from UV rays. The presence of L-Tyrosine in our tanning formulas means that less time is needed on a sunbed or in the sun to achieve your desired colour. VITAMINS, CAROTENOIDS, and ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS nourish skin, and ANTIOXIDANTS protect skin from UV ray-induced free radicals. All Carrot Sun products contain almond and wheat germ oil, in addition to a skin-boosting oil or butter unique to each variety. Almond oil contains E & B vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Wheat germ oil contains high levels of antioxidants, which combat free radicals and have anti-ageing properties. Coconut oil is a natural moisturuser and is wonderful for dry/sensitive skin.


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Honor Collins
4 April 2018
This is the only product that has helped me tan well. I'm very fair skinned, and used this two years ago on a fortnight holiday in Greece and ended up with a nicer, deeper and darker colour than I did this summer using a different product in Croatia for three months! It is greasy to apply, and it does feel greasy on the skin but it's not sticky. If you're like me, desperate to get a good tan, you'll endure the grease of it just for a good colour. Application wise, it's very similar to a jar of coconut oil- just scoop it out and rub it into your body like moisturizer. Make sure to apply suncream underneath though, or you will burn. My colour was not instant but because it is clear it doesn't fool you with how tanned you are getting, it's a slow developer. Really impressed, going to order more for this summer.
Jayne Bhardwaj
31 July 2018
This product is fabulous. It has enhanced the colour of my already swarthy colour skin into a beautiful golden tan!. Fabulous product even better than the carrot sun. The coconut version is fabulous on the skin. Great value for money too. Smells gorgeous and conditions the skin too!!!!!!!!
Amazon Customer
13 July 2018
Incredibly thick and greasy. Stays on your skin for ages. Even scrubbing in the shower doesn't removebit entirely. The oil spray would probably be better. Unfortunately didn't accelerate my tanning at all; sunbeds or sun. I found putting no lotion on at all, but wing hydrated with a good posterising routine was all that was needed to get the tan I wanted.
Jacqueline K.
28 June 2016
This accelerator smells lovely, although it takes a little while longer than a gel to apply, its still a really nice product.
Nick Ball
22 September 2018
Waste of money... about 89% petroleum jelly
Christine Southworth
20 May 2018
great item
Deborah McCulloch
23 August 2017
Very thick greasy and difficult to apply though does help tan if you percivere.
4 April 2018

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