Bosch 2609255954 Double Ended 45 mm Screwdriver Bit (LS 1.0 x 5.5--Ph 2) Robert Bosch

  • Contains LS 1.0 x 5.5 - Ph 2 head size btis
  • For all brands (screw drivers and drill/drivers)
  • Bosch bits always provide a practical soltution. Also in a practical set
  • Two Bits in one
  • For direct use in power tools

Product Description

is a leading manufacturer of accessories for power tools and is an innovation leader with 1 years of tradition. ’s aim is to develop innovative accessories for all applications, for more efficient working and for new materials. With more than 8000 products, offers the appropriate accessories for virtually all applications, users and all brands of power tools. bits always provide a practical solution. With its titanium and standard bits, can offer the right bit for every application and for every conventional screw.

Box Contains

  • 1pc pack


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    1 December 2014
    This was purchased to replace the manufacturer bit that shipped with my Dewalt screwdriver. I find it invaluable to have this bit slotted into the grove at the bottom of the driver, which is why I was horrified to lose the original.

    Unlike cheaper makes this is made of sturdy stuff and shows no sign of wearing despite being used (and abused) on a few projects. I would buy the exact same bit again if I were to lose mine once more.
    1 April 2018
    Handy bit as it double sided. 4.5cm in length so make your bit handle is designed for double sided unless you are buying for a drill but still will fit on a bit handle for one sided bits.
    Pleasant Moustache
    7 August 2018
    I've enjoyed lots of quality screwing since I purchased this.
    william tyler
    12 November 2018
    The screwdriver bit is great
    11 July 2016
    Perfect as it is for what it is. I bought it to go in the little holder on my drill but it isn't long enough for that but still useful to keep in the case next to the drill.
    Mr. Kevin Maddox
    17 September 2018
    Good item
    4 November 2018
    Mr P A Edwards
    14 June 2018
    5 stars

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