Bolle ATPSI Attack Safety Goggles

  • Bollé Safety revolutionizes eye protection with an innovation that meets all international standards
  • Comfortable to wear and lightweight design

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Bolle Attack Goggle Atpsi


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A. Miller
8 June 2014
These goggles are functional - but be aware they do fog up. Initially this didn't happen - I suspect some type of anti - mist agent is on the lenses - however after a couple of hours use they began to fog up like much cheaper brands.
30 July 2017
Grate goggles , over prescription glasses...
22 October 2015
I really like these goggles. If like me you wear glasses and don't want contacts then these fit quite well over glasses. The bad news is, they do mist up. I found by cutting two small sections at the bottom and leaving the nose part in place you can adapt them. Just be careful with the superglue or you can make a mess of the lense itself. It's also a good idea to use a demister spray as a double insurance.

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